What's up

The sign

I swear

surfing USA

El lute

It's a heart attack

Total eclipse of the heart

Morning has broken



Only time


Knocking on heavens door

Don't cry for me Argentina


I turn to you

Mission impossible

coco jamboo

I give you my heart

Up'n away

Über 7 Brücken a

Über 7 Brücken b

We are the Champions

Cottoneye Joe

La bamba


Sailing a

Sailing b

Crash boom bang

Fading like a flower

It must have been love


The look

The rain

Time to say goodbye

Still loving you 1

Still loving you

Wind of change a

Wind of change b

El condor pasa

Sounds of silence a

Sounds of silence b

Sound of silence c

Nothing compares to you

Candle in the wind a

Candle in the wind b

Candle in the wind c

Living next door to alice a

Living next door to alice b

Living next door to alice c

Living next door to alice d

Hotel california

The Simpsons



Red red wine

Conquest of paradise


I will always love you

Rofo's Theme


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