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ACDC - hells bells

ACDC - back in black

ACDC - highway to hell

ACDC - you shook me...

Iron Maiden - aces high

aerials systemofadown rulez

aint talking about love

Simple Minds - alive and kicking

another day


Beastie Boys - fight for your right

be quick

Blink 182 - small thing

Blondie - Maria

Blue - da ba dee

Born in the USA

Boys of summer

 Corrs - breathless

Brian Adams - everything I do

bright side of life

Brian Adams, Mel C. - when you are gone

Dire Straits - calling Elvis

Cher - I believe

Corrs - closer

CKY - sinking to the underground

Coolio - gangstas paradise

Bob Marley - Could you be loved

Iron Maiden - die with your boots on

Madonna - don't tell me


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